Date Fails: Rude Boy

I went out on a date once with a guy that a mutual friend “hooked me up” with. I hate when people play Cupid or matchmaker with me,by the way.😒 So I meet him at the restaurant we agreed to enjoy happy hour and an early dinner at. 

He was rude from the time we walked into the restaurant all the way up until we parted ways.  He caught a nasty attitude with the hostess, pitched a fit about the table we were seated at, and was very condescending to the waiter. I wa s completely embarrassed! If you know me,you know I do not like rudeness and condescending people. I feel that behavior makes people look the exact opposite of what they are trying to appear as. 

This guy had the waiter running back and forth to the kitchen wth food that was too hot,too cold, drinks that didn’t taste right, and by the end of the night had the manager at the table on two different occasions regarding sending food back for not being cooked to his liking,smh.

I was so embarrassed I barely could even hold a conversation with him. Not that it even mattered because he only wanted to talk about himself the whole time anyway, and in a very loud manner.

To top all this off, when the bill came… his card declined. I ended up footing the bill,leaving the restaurant in a hurry, and never talking to him again.