When the past walks back into your life….

Sometimes, whether you like it or not, the past makes a guest appearance in your life. It gives you all kinds of mixed emotions. You tell yourself that you won’t fall for the same things that got your heart broken last time. You convince yourself that maybe….just maybe…they’ve returned as a sign that you should give them another chance. You wonder why the cards fell this way to make you have to wonder anything at all about this person that you thought you wouldn’t hear from ever again. 

But just like that,they’re back. And so is your confusion. What will you do if they want to see you? What will you do if they reach for your hand or a kiss? All kinds of hypothetical questions cross your mind and upset your whole being. 

Breathe…remember why things didn’t work out. Only you know the true reasons, and only you know if that person deserves another chance to be in your life. Don’t overcomplicate things. You have the power to let them in or keep them out. You’re in the driver’s seat. Relax. 

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