New Phone..Who dis?

Thanksgiving Day opened my eyes to the fact that my list of suitors has dwindled itself down on its own throughout 2016. Upon sending out my usual “Happy Turkey Day” messages,some personalized and some general, I received at least 8 “Who is this?” responses back from guys who have expressed interest throughout the years. 😳 I stopped counting at 8. 

Although some followed it up with the typical lie about getting a new phone πŸ™„ once they realized who I was, it didn’t make things any better for them. Some even tried to make plans to hang out once they realized it was me, which I politely declined or simply ignored and changed the subject. The damage was already done…..but it wasn’t really damage at all. A better description would be to say that those chapters of my life closed on that day.

I don’t have anything against those guys. In fact, I actually thank them, because they removed themselves and made my Quarterly  Tenderoni Purge a little easier. Being honest with myself, the ones that seem to have gotten “new phones” were mainly guys that were only trying to have sex with me, didn’t want anything serous, or were already involved on & off with significant others and came with drama and baggage. 

Sometimes things just work out that way, whether it’s because you aren’t strong enough to end things, secretly want to keep those doors open, or just flat out don’t care enough to even make the effort to remove people that don’t belong. Life has a way of sometimes helping nudge you along in the right direction. I’m going to assume that it’s God answering my daily prayers about removing those from my life that don’t respect me or find me valuable. 

I guess now that I’ve mentioned God I probably shouldn’t crack a joke that I need to get my heaux count back up… πŸ€” 

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