Expensive Gifts: To Accept or not to Accept

So recently a guy that has been courting me for quite some time saw me tweeting me online in the middle of the night about cell phones. I was going on one of my mini rants about my love/hate relationship with IPhones,but talking about how much I liked the IPhone 7 plus camera. A few days later, I received a call from Mr. Great Guy (that’s what we’ll call him☺️for more reasons than just this story) telling me that he had a surprise for me. The surprise was that he had purchased the IPhone 7 plus for me as one of my early Christmas gifts. 

Now I’m not one to turn down gifts because I find it a little bit rude to do so,but we’re talking a $900 gift here. The only reason I know that is because I had been pricing it myself,and had already added it to my own “to purchase” list. Knowing this, I quickly told him that I couldn’t accept a gift that expensive  from someone I was not in a relationship with. 

Here’s the thing. I’ve received expensive gifts from significant others,so it’s not that it’s something I’m not used to. I just feel a tad bit uncomfortable receiving a gift so expensive from someone who is trying to date me. The reality is there are a lot of people out there that live by “quid pro quo” and expect something for something, and knowing that has caused me to be very cautious about accepting things from others. I don’t think Mr. Great Guy falls under that category,as he’s made it very clear in his actions the whole time he’s courted me that he is a respectful gentleman. However, I still feel that maybe the gift was a little bit too much.

Mr. Great Guy disagrees,and justified the gift with the fact that I was going to spend the money to buy the phone myself anyway. He has a point, and due to his profession I know that it didn’t burn a hole in his pockets. However I still couldn’t help but feel bad about accepting such an expensive gift. Eventually (5 days later after much back and forth) I gave in. 

The whole situation caused us to have a great convo about gift giving though. It brought about some great questions. 

Overall,is it a good idea to make a habit of accepting expensive gifts from people seeking to be in a relationship with you?

Is anything too “expensive” when it comes to buying gifts in the courting phase? At what point do you draw the line on what you’ll accept from a friend? 

The bottom line: Would I take a chance accepting a gift this expensive from any random guy? I doubt it. At least not without coming to a clear understanding that my accepting of the gift does not put me or my goods up as redeemable. 😒

But this time around,due to consistency and great character being paired with it,I’d say it’s okay. ☺️ Merry early Christmas to me. 🎄☃️🎁

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