Treat yourself for Valentines Day

Here are a few things that I have done in the past to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a single gal. Maybe you’ll find some of these ideas exciting or bearable 🙂

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Go shopping (there’s never a wrong time to shop)

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Treat yourself to a nice dinner (don’t worry….couples will be too busy wooing each other to even notice you’re eating alone…it’s not as bad as it sounds…I eat alone often, voluntarily these days)

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Go see a movie (Selma’s still playing…pick a thriller or a comedy….avoid love stories if you’re already feeling sad about spending vday alone)

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Hang out with some of your single friends (hit a club, a vday party, a nice bar……you may be shocked to know that valentines night is a great way to meet single guys…they’re out and about just like you)

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Take a day trip (or a vacation…..who says you have to reserve your celebration of the holiday to just one day?)

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Stay home, turn off your phone (if your friends and family aren’t worried you’re going to harm yourself), and catch up on rest you haven’t gotten all week (there’s nothing wrong with treating Valentines Day as just another…….no one said you had to celebrate at all.)

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Treat yourself to a nice massage and spa day….(get naked…get rubbed on…get beautified 🙂 )

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