Spring Cleaning time is here! (Vday installment)

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So….if you know me well, you know that I have this thing I do a few times a year called “Spring Cleaning”. It has nothing to do with cleaning my house or my car (which currently looks like I live out of it due to how much I stay on the go). It’s the cleaning out and decluttering of my personal life and cell phone. I realized a long time ago that many of the fellas I come across are only good for a season. Some are sadly only good for a second. These dead end guys have no place in my life, so there is no need to keep their contact information around to easily access them. This is where Spring Cleaning comes into play.

My Valentines Day Spring Cleaning episode consists of any guy that does not engage in the following:

Calling/texting me to wish me a happy valentines day

Buying a gift (price doesnt matter) for me as a sweet/kind gesture

Let me be clear: I don’t expect every male I’ve ever known or been involved with to buy me something for Vday. That would be very selfish. However, there are a few guys that fall into this category automatically:

Guys that are showing interest in me right now

Guys that are in my inbox and on my cell phone always trying to sleep with me

Guys that I have a lengthy history with (that are still trying to maintain what we once had)

In other words, if you are still in my life claiming I’m “the one”, “the one that got away”, “the perfect girl”, or just simply trying to see if you can sleep with me……you should have the decency and enough consideration for me to at LEAST buy a $.99 cent Vday card to show your appreciation. Oh, and all the guys that stay in my inbox although they have girlfriends? They’re not excluded. If you have time and determination to try and make me your girlfriend #2, you should have enough decency to give your “potential girlfriend #2” a happy Vday message.

Here’s the thing: I will always treat myself on Valentines Day. Why? Because I love the holiday,and I’m always looking for an excuse to pamper myself. However, it doesn’t make sense to have so many guys in my phone and life, and not one of them has texted or called yet requesting my address…and Vday is Saturday. Why am I letting guys that dont think enough of me to show their appreciation for me in even the smallest way still play a part in my day to day? This is why Spring Cleaning is so important. February 15th at midnight starts a whole new slate for me every year. No more attention and effort given to guys that aren’t willing to reciprocate. They can find another chick to communicate with at their convenience. So if you happen to notice that my name is no longer popping up on your phone, and your messages are being read but not responded to online after Vday, just know…you’ve been Spring Cleaned. 🙂 No hard feelings….just trying to be better instead of bitter over dead end situations.

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