Happy Heart Day is around the corner!

What do the lonely do on V-Day? Some of us sit at home sad, criticizing others happy messages,pictures, and over the top love confessions online. Some of us cry ourselves in and out of sleep while in a fetal position. Some of us team up with other single chicks and talk about how much we hate men. Some of us spend the day with the guy we’ve friend zoned just to avoid spending the holiday alone. There are a few of us that will spend all day waiting on someone else’s boyfriend or husband to sneak away from home for a little bit of quality time. Annnnnd then there are those such as myself who will simply…..go to work.

I happen to love Valentines Day, whether I am in a relationship or not. It’s a beautiful day filled with flowers, candy, and beautiful gestures of love. I love seeing people so happy. One thing I can’t stand (well two things really): people who pack on the bitterness on the special day, and the people who downplay getting things on bday because “every days a special day”.

Folks, save your bitterness for another day. If you have no one to spend valentines day with, treat yourself to something nice. Pamper yourself, there’s no harm in it. There’s no need to let one day out of the year make you feel so upset and incomplete. No one ever said you had to have a boo for this holiday. Send something nice to your parents or siblings. Surprise your kids class with cute gift bags. Do something to show appreciation for yourself or others. Don’t waste the day wallowing in pity and bitterness. I like to take advantage of the holiday when I can, treating myself to a nice dinner, massage, and even some shopping. Makes me feel amazing.

The other thing I hate are the people that are in relationships that do the whole “shame on you all, love should be shown year round” posts. It is clearly an attempt to make others feel bad and make yourself feel good about the fact that your significant other didn’t buy you anything or do anything nice for you. Spare us……everyone likes a sweet gesture, and there can never be too many of them. If your bday isn’t as grand as the next persons, just embrace the love you two share and avoid being online where everyone’s showing off. It will only make you more upset. The bottom line, let everyone enjoy the day. Spread love and kindness to someone, anyone…..it’ll make you feel a lot better!

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