The No Panties Dash

I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this. The no panties dash seems to be the latest popular two step, for obvious reasons. When I refer to the no panties dash, I am speaking about how quickly some guys make a break for it once they realize you’re not going to sleep with them, or that you’re going to make them wait longer than they want to.

It’s funny…..not sleeping around used to be the cool thing. Being a woman who respects herself and doesnt share her goodies with everybody used to be a hot commodity. Now you’re considered lame, a prude, boring, and many other things. For every no you give to a guy, there’s 50 other women already propositioning him, some of them even willing to bring other girls into the picture. How do you compete in a world where promiscuity seems to be the “in” thing?

Frankly, Im tired of guys doing the no panties dash away from me. However, with that frustration and disappointment also comes satisfaction of knowing that they only had one thing in mind from jump. It’s best to weed them out quickly rather than to get attached and then be disappointed in how things are going.

Living here in Florida, my experience with no panties dashing men has been frequent. Guys approach you all the time, and immediately begin talking about sex and what they wanna do to you. As soon as you even drop a hint that you’d like to get to know them better, or that you’re not interested in anything sexual, they run for the hills. Some will stay around hoping that you’ll eventually give in, but many of them know that what you’re not willing to do,plenty other women desperate for male attention will do it times ten.

I just cant help but wonder when I will run into a guy that would rather two step with me instead of highstepping away from me because they can’t get the drawers (Tommy voice)

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