Keep Calm……I’m not going to steal your man

I think that one of the most annoying things about being a single woman is that women always seem to feel intimidated by you. The minute you walk into a room, they grab their men as if the wind is bound to sweep them right into your arms. Some of them begin to show more affection than theyve shown their man in years, just to make sure you see it. I see those insecure behaviors and I raise you an “i dont want/need your man”. This behavior is even popular on social networks, where women gush repetitively about how happy their man makes them and makes sure they check in anywhere they can with their partner, in hopes that it will scare off any single women, or women they may already be sharing their man with.

Why is it that single women get such a bad reputation? We don’t chase taken men anymore than some that are in relationships and/or married do, truth be told.  Of course, I’m not to blame for any other woman’s insecurity about their relationship, but every now and then it bothers me that I can’t walk into a room alone, looking good, smelling good, feeling fabulous, and not have holes burned through me from the eyes of women in relationships. It also sucks trying to maintain friendships with the opposite sex when they are in relationships. Their girlfriends never seem to understand the innocent bond, unless its an unattractive chick. For some reason ugly chicks can be friends with their men. Little do they know, those chicks they label unattractive may be turning more tricks for their man than the attractive female ever would even think of. But I digress.

Ladies…..relax. I’m single, I’m not Jezebel, and insecurity is unattractive to your man, fyi. You’re welcome.

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