At what point does partying and “bros over h*es” get old?

 Maybe I’ve just been assuming all this time….I honestly thought the whole “friends before females” mentality kinda died off after college years. More and more I am finding out that it only gets worse for men that havent completely grown up in their 20s and 30s. When I say “friends before females” I mean the guys that still want to be in the club at least 3 nights a week, and choose to put their boys first on their priority list before their relationship.

Really? Maybe Im missing something, but the last couple of times I’ve went to the club it was the same ol scenery: Men standing around seeking out prey, and thirsty women desperately seeking to be chosen, while the songs that get played out on the radio every day boomed out of the speakers, and everyone got wastey faced. What is so great about the club that you have to have it in your life in excess when you have a partner at home?

I get it….many of the men still frequenting the club are still out there doing their thing behind their partners backs, but are the rest  just immature? At what point does partying every night of the week get old? And I know quite a few that party like they get paid for it, then they complain that their girlfriends dont do the things they used to do. More than likely, its probably because you spend all your free time chasing skirts and hanging with the homies.

I’m just curious of when this immature mentality tends to phase itself out in men….and women (we’re not exempt, ladies).

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