Facebook peeping can mess with your mind

Facebook stalking can be good and bad, in my opinion. Is it kinda creepy at times? Yes. Is it annoying when you know someone is doing it to you? Absolutely! But it’s convenient when you are doing your own investigative work.

I had a little Facebook stalker-ish moment of my own yesterday. You know how you sometimes just want to check on someone and see what they’re up to, or what kind of day they’ve had? Well, after I left work I decided to do just that with one of my throwback hotties that has recently reappeared with a desire to take things to the next level. However, upon me checking his page, I noticed that his most recent post was one of a subliminal nature. I won’t reveal what it said because that would give away his identity. However, it was clear that he seemed to be frustrated and cutting a female off. Allthough I knew this obviously wasnt about me, it bothered me and gave me wayyyyyy too many questions, causing me to overthink.

Was this why he hasn’t been as available in the past few months? Is he only trying to be with me now as a rebound? Is he still dealing with this chick? Will she come back around as soon as she finds out hes in a relationship with me? All these questions due to one facebook post that might even have been misinterpreted wrong. It’s not like I haven’t been wrong in the past about people’s posting.

Facebook stalking……is it worth it? Some people dissect other people’s pages for things that they know will either upset them, hurt their feelings, or give them negative things to say. Do you ever really hear of someone dissecting someone else’s page for positive reasons?Why do we set ourselves up for things that may piss us off, or make us feel bad?
When it comes to facebook stalking, are you more of a victim or offender?

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